Primary Gods (Sumerian Name + + +            Akkadian Name +                 Babylonian Name + +)

              2600 BC - 1940 BC                     2270 BC - 2090 BC                  1894 BC - 1595 BC

    Nammu or Namma                                      Nammu                                 Tiamat + +

First Sumerian God - Goddess - 'Namma, the primeval mother who gave birth to the senior gods' - gave birth to Heaven and Earth

Enki and Ninmah

    Abzu                                                             Apzu                                     Apsu +

Second Sumerian God - Sweet Water - in Babylonian Literature - called Apsu - wants to kill all humans

Enuma Elish - 1600 BC

    An                                                                 Anu                                        Anu

Third Sumerian God - Sky God - 'whose august commands cannot be countermanded'

The Sumerian Flood Story (24/2300 BC)     The death of Ur-Namma (2030 BC)     An adab to An for Lipit-EŇ°tar (1860 BC)

1 of 7 primary deities

    Ki or Ninhursag or Ninhursaja or Ninmah or
    Nintu                                                            Antu or Antum                      Antu or Antum

Fourth Sumerian God - Earth Goddess - Ki is An's main babe

Enki and Ninhursag         Study Questions         The lament for Sumer and Urim 9 (after 2000 BC)

2 of 7 primary deities

    Enlil                                                               Ellil/Illil                                 Ellil/Illil

Fifth Sumerian God - 2nd most powerful - Son of An/Ki

The lament for Nibru        The victory of Utu-hejal        Study Questions        Search

3 of 7 primary deities

    Enki                                                                Ea                                        Ea Nudimmud

Sixth Sumerian God - Wisdom - Son of Nammu/No father

The Sumerian Flood story - 24/2300 BC     Enki and the world order     Enki's journey to Nibru

4 of 7 primary deities

    Nanna                                                           Sin or Suen                           Ashgirbabbar

Seventh Sumerian God - Moon God

Nanna-Suen's journey to Nibru

5 of 7 primary deities

    UTU                                                               Samas                                    Samas

Eighth Sumerian God - Sun God

The Sumerian Flood Story (24/2300 BC)

6 of 7 primary deities

    Inana                                                              Istar                                       Istar

Ninth Sumerian God - God of Love/War

The Sumerian Flood Story (24/2300 BC)

7 of 7 primary deities

    Ninlil or Sud                                                   Ninlil or Sud                          Ninlil or Sud

Not counted in this context - Consort of Enlil

Enlil and Ninlil   Enlil and Sud


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